The Ultimate Guide to Hire the Right Bookkeeper

In the current transient and fast-paced world, it’s getting harder and harder to find qualified, skilled people who know not only their stuff but also have the confidence to handle your business monies. Everything too often your hear stories about inexperienced so-called bookkeepers who gave up someones’ stuck or books their hand in the cookie jar and helped thousands or millions of dollars.

The goal is to keep this list short and sweet and not to sound like a Jerry McGuire movie mission statement. Here are some things you need to know to find the right bookkeeper!

The Experience Factor

 Do they really know their stuff and business? There is a lot of competition out there, which means people will say the darndest things to land the job. The goal is not a guinea pig for anyone who needs to improve their responsibilities. If you want to decrease your chances of hiring a dud, go with a reputable company.

They have done all the work for you plus they have a track record, but if you just want, there are some questions to ask:


Can you really trust them? Always know who you are dealing with! This can not be enough. Do they come across as sincere and honest? Whether you use an auction to hire your bookkeeper, always check a rough background, even if they are indicated by someone you know. If you have control over a background, you want to check criminal, social security number, and credit information together with medical tests. Besides, this person will monitor the future of your business by handling all your monies.


Are they reliable, trustworthy and responsible? Are they called when they say they can call? Did they get up when they told they are going to show up? Do you offer your designs in a timely manner? You would be surprised how many people fall through these barricades. If you have any of the above, you can make sure you have the same issues for your books.

Communication Skills

Like everything in business, including human skills. People skills are communication skills. Money is the life line of your business. Anyone handling your business who has you with 100% can communicate. If there is a problem, you must know ASAP! If they have a better way to do things they need to be able to let you know.

Integrity And Character

You want someone who’s not just loyal and honest about what they do, you want one that has very moral values and standards. As mentioned above, you can create your account or error, so it’s important to deal with the right bookkeeper handling of your books.

Remember, you can always outsource your bookkeeping to a bookkeeping service but because someone else manages your books for you does not exclude you from understanding accounting basics. Checks and balances also must need to be put in place to help keep decent people honest. One of the greatest benefits of having one else manage your books is that you just have more time to focus on growing your large or small business.

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